Jack White Storms Off The Stage Mid Set

Posted 01 Oct 2012 in Featured, General News, News, Performance

This is how rock ‘n roll should be!!  There is nothing more rock ‘n roll than a musician getting pissed and storming off the stage in the middle of their set right?  Just a week after Green Day guitarist and lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong melted down at the iHeart Radio Music Festival in Vegas and launched into a profanity laced tirade there is another big name musician following Billie Joe’s lead.

Jack White, formerly of The White Stripes and Raconteurs, was playing a show on Saturday night at New York’s world famous Radio City Music Hall.  Touring in support of his latest release Blunderbuss, White was 12 songs and about 45 minutes deep into his set when he ‘thanked’ the crowd, put down his guitar and left the stage.  Reuters reports that at first the sold out crowd wasn’t exactly sure what was going on and continued cheering in hopes that White was coming back to the stage to continue rockin the house.  The cheers quickly turned to anger when they saw roadies and crew tearing down the stage….a sure fire clue that the show was indeed over.

Audience members were warned that they should refrain from using their cellphone cameras during the show (seriously! like that would EVER happen).  From the jump Jack White wasn’t too pleased with the enthusiasm being flung his way from the crowd.  Early in the short set White was seen having an off-mic exchange with an audience member sitting near the stage who was recording the show.  Shortly after that he still wasn’t feeling the love and felt the need to say something.  White is quoted as saying,

Jesus Christ, is this an NPR convention?

The backstage door needed to be barricaded as the angry crowd was making its exit.  But there was one stop to be made before leaving Radio City.  Many crowd members were seen trying to return Jack White concert shirts, records and other merchandise.  Eventually, the crowd spilled into the streets and were seen banging and yelling at two tour buses.

There is still no official word on why White cut the show short but Spin Magazine had the quote (ie: Burn) of the weekend.  Responding to all of the Twitter chatter surrounding White’s mid-show exit Spin Tweeted,

Chatter about Jack White’s abbreviated show at New York’s Radio City Music Hall last night has officially lasted longer than the concert itself

Hopefully all is OK with the guitar virtuoso and he will do something to remedy the situation with the angry RCMH crowd.  We’ll keep you posted on any new news as it happens.

Source: Reuters


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  1. Guitarnoize (03 Oct 2012, 10:49)

    What a dick! I can’t stand White’s attitude. Also I would never call him a virtuoso?

  2. fuckGuitamoize (16 Dec 2012, 5:34)

    Can’t stand White’s attitude?!? If you don’t have anything nice to say… shut the fuck up.

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