Jack White Goes for “World’s Fastest Record” Record

Posted 06 Apr 2014 in Artist News, Miscellaneous

In an interesting follow up to a story we ran just a few days ago about Jack White’s newest solo album, Lazaretto, White has announced the incredibly interesting way he’ll be spending Record Store Day this year: releasing the world’s fastest album.

Jack White New Record

White, who has been the poster child for Record Store Day for a few years now, will first play a show in Nashville at 10 AM on Record Store Day (April 19). The performance, which will be of the song “Lazaretto”, will be recorded directly to acetate. Once White has finished the live taping of his performance, the masters will immediately be taken to United Record Pressings (also in Nashville), whom will begin pressing 45’s and printing sleeves based on pictures taken during White’s performance. Once the first batch has been completed, it will be taken back to Third Man Records, which is Jack White’s studio and also the site of the live taping. From there, it will be available to fans. The goal is to go through this entire process in the course of just a few hours; that way the records can be available to fans for most of Record Store Day.


All in all, this is a pretty impressive undertaking. Sure, a few different bands have tried similar concepts, but the fact that this record will go from nonexistent to publicly available in the course of just a few hours marks this as one of the more interesting releases so far this year.

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