Should Leonardo DiCaprio Appear on Stage with Meshuggah?

Posted 21 Feb 2014 in General News, Miscellaneous, Performance

Take a minute and look at that headline again. It seems like a bit of a ludicrous question, but we assure you, the formidable voice of the people has risen up in a resounding yes. This is true enough, but let’s back up a little bit. A little while ago, Leonard DiCaprio released a movie titled The Wolf of Wall Street, which portrayed the rougher edges of businessmen existing solely for profit. It was a decent movie, but one keen fan noted that a particular scene of the movie matches the raving dances of your standard mosh pit at a Meshuggah show perfectly.

While this video is fine and dandy, what’s really funny is the comparison between DiCaprio and Meshuggah vocalist Jens Kidman’s face. Kidman’s face has always been a point of discussion among fans, but the comparison to DiCaprio was enough for some fans to create the following photograph.

Leonardo DiCaprio


The resemblance is, well, uncanny, in fact so much so that some fans have begun demanding DiCaprio appear on stage with Meshuggah during their performance in this year’s Bonnaroo. This movement is so strong that an official petition has been filed, dictating that DiCaprio appear on stage in a suit for at least one song, and everyone in the crowd must pound their chests. If this sounds appealing to you, navigate your web browser’s to this site to sign the petition. We sincerely hope this happens, and whole-heartedly urge you to sign the petition immediately. For real. Go. Stop reading this article and sign the petition. Go on now!

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