Did Linkin Park Drop A Dime On Sublime With Rome?

Posted 28 May 2014 in Music, News

This definitely falls into the category of news of the weird.  Maybe I should have titled this article ‘Did Linkin Park Drop A Dimebag on Sublime With Rome?’  This isn’t the kind of thing you would expect to hear when discussing two bands.  It seems even more strange to me considering how quickly the push to legalize marijuana is making its way across the nation.

Linkin Park vs Sublime with Rome

Did Linkin Park narc on Sublime with Rome

No matter what side of the fence you are on when it comes to the marijuana debate (I’ll step out on a limb here and say that about 98.624% of the people reading this article are pro legalization) this story should strike you as strange and actually kind of funny.

So here’s what allegedly went down on Saturday May 24th at the KFMA Day Festival that took place at Kino Stadium in Tucson.  Two big bands, Linkin Park and Sublime (who now uses the moniker Sublime with Rome since the passing of Bradley Nowell) were slated to play that afternoon.

Rome Ramirez is now a member of Sublime with Rome and he sent out a series of tweets that not only left people scratching their heads in disbelief but I’m sure that there were a few who checked their pipes to make sure that what they were smoking wasn’t making them hallucinate.  Back to the story.  Rome’s tweets accused Linkin Park of calling the cops because Sublime was smoking some weed.  First of all…DUH!  Sublime smoking weed?  No way…I would never have thunk it.  I’m also fairly sure they weren’t the only band partaking in some herbal medicine that afternoon.  After all, Linkin Park has a bit of a rep for smoking themselves plus I’m sure that the majority of the crowd was also smoking.

The cops were apparently given the tip while Sublime was on stage and when the band returned to their dressing room they found their weed, some pipes, some papers and a few other things were gone.  But it wasn’t a total mystery where the *cough cough ‘contraband’ went.  The law was kind enough to leave a note for the band in the form of a card with a case number on it so they new exactly where there stuff went and who took it.

So naturally, Rome took to twitter and called out LP.  The tweets coming from Ramirez were eventually replied to by LP member Mike Shinoda who denied any involvement in snitching on Sublime and also stated that no one representing the band had anything to do with it either.  The cops have a different story saying that a security guard who was acting as a member of Linkin Park notified an off-duty deputy of the funky odor coming from Sublimes dressing room.

Later, the Phoenix New Times got in contact with the publicist for Linkin Park who said:

“Rome Ramirez’s allegations are 100% false. No one from Linkin Park’s camp said anything to the police or any other authorities regarding the activities taking place in Sublime’s dressing room.”

You can read all of Rome’s tweets and Mike Shinoda’s reply below.  The last one is especially funny as it claims a Sublime rep told TMZ that the guys from Linkin Park felt bad enough about the situation that they offered to replace the weed.  That is hilarious on so many levels I don’t even know where to begin so I’ll let you form your own jokes and opinions about that.

Tweets from Rome RamirezTweets from Rome RamirezTweets from Rome Ramirez

Mike Shinoda of Linkin ParkMike Shinoda of Linkin ParkMike Shinoda of Linkin ParkSublime to TMZ

Maybe in the near future we’ll have a report about a meeting between the two bands where they all get together and try to work things out by passing the dutchie pon the left hand side.


Source: Tucson Weekly

Additional sources: Loudwire and The Phoenix New Times



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