Man repels attackers with broken guitar

Posted 10 Apr 2011 in Guitar Crime

A man armed with nothing but a broken guitar repelled an attack by two men in which his throat was cut.

The 48 year old man needed 26 stitches to his wrist, neck, ear and chest following the attack close to his home in Muirhouse, near Edinburgh, Scotland. He had suffered a three inch cut to his throat, two cracked ribs, a bruised chest bone, a black eye and a bruised cheek bone after being hit over the head with a bottle and stabbed.

Today he said he was relieved to be back home and said: “I’m still a bit dizzy. I’m stunned by what happened. It was totally unexpected.”

He said he was attacked and at one point fended off his attackers with a broken guitar.

Two men, aged 32 and 34, have been charged with attempted murder.

Source: The Scotsman

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