Metallica: 2009 Quebec City World Magnetic Concerts DVD! You Decide The Setlist!

Posted 23 Sep 2012 in Artist News, Featured, Music, News, Performance

Just the other day Metallica announced that their 2009 World Magnetic concerts from Quebec City will be released as a two disc DVD set combining the best of both shows.  Scheduled for a December release I’d be willing to bet that there will be many happy Metallica fans waking up Christmas morning to find the new concert DVD under the tree.

Additionally, and pretty freaking cool if you ask me,  the masters of metal have asked their fans to vote on the setlist for the DVD. I know there have been plenty of times I’ve left a show and said ‘They should have played this..why didn’t they play that…or, I could have put together a better setlist’…well, now is your chance to have your input heard on what the DVD will contain.   Cast your vote at the official Metallica website and let your voice be heard.  Note: My apologies for the personal off-topic rant about the setlist at concerts.  Who the hell am I to tell anyone what songs they should play in their set.

Back to the story.  Here is a partial quote from Metallica about the upcoming release and their call out for fans to help out and cast a vote. You can read the full note from the band at the source.

Happy September… we’ve got an early Christmas present for you! As we get ready to head back into the studio, we thought we would round out the Death Magnetic experience with the DVD/Blu-Ray release of the two nights we filmed in Quebec City way back in the fall of 2009. We were in the thick of the World Magnetic tour at that time and thought it would be cool to invite our friend Wayne Isham out to capture the shows, so while we were getting ready to film the 3D movie and all the other shenanigans we’ve been up to since then, Wayne and his team have been quietly editing and working with our team of next level audio engineers…

So get out and Rock The Vote…sorry, I couldn’t resist that one….too easy.

Personally I prefer the earlier albums in the ever expanding library of Metallica music but I’ll never miss an opportunity to see them crank up the volume and turn it loose.  No matter what era the Metallica music is from you are guaranteed to see, and more importantly hear, a high energy musical assault that will have you rockin from the opening note and leave you wanting more when they walk off the stage.

Here’s a little something to remind you what we’re dealing with here.  Enjoy!

You have to hurry because voting for the setlist ends September 24 at 9:00 AM PDT.




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