Mike Love takes a Permanent Holiday

Posted 08 Aug 2014 in Music, News

This isn’t an article that is so much about Guitar News as it is about FREAKIN AWESOME guitar! If you haven’t heard of Mike Love (no not the one from the Beach Boys) you need to stop what you have going on right now and cut out about 11 minutes so you can watch this video.

Mike Love Permanent Holiday

The video is simple and straight forward.  A guy with a guitar and a guy with some percussion and a hell of a lot of pedals.  Although it might sound straight forward, when you begin watching you will immediately realize this isn’t just 2 dreaded hippies jamming.

If the first 4:19 of the video don’t have a hold of you just skip ahead to the 4:20 mark.  We aren’t sure if 4:20 was intentional or just a coincidence but this is where things begin getting…how should I say this…SICK!  It may sound like Mike Love is babbling nonsensical gibberish but once the loop is complete the harmony and melody become incredibly beautiful.  Trust me.  Just watch and see for yourself.


Source: The Daily Epic


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  1. phil (18 Nov 2014, 9:52)

    I seen mike love at O’tooles in Honolulu a few years back when I lived there. He would play every Monday and u would go about twice a month to watch him. The 1st time I seen I was like who is this guy and why am I watching him. Then when I realized what i was watching I was blown away. It would always be just him and he would play percussion on his guitar and record it into the loop. I have turn many friends on this guy. Glad to see he is getting some praise for talents. One love.

  2. Dave Abrams (18 Nov 2014, 11:20)

    I’d love to see him. When I saw the video I was like you where I thought ‘what is this guy doing?’ Then I saw the brilliance of his performance and felt like I needed to share it with others.

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