Motley Crue Drops New Track Live

Posted 05 Jul 2014 in Artist News

Fans were already excited to catch the first night of Motley Crue’s “The Final Tour”, which started in early July, and we have little doubt that the Crue’s set was as professionally put together and energetic as always. Imagine the burst of exhilaration, then, when the band launched into an all new track, “All Bad Things Must End”. The audience must have gone nuts.


Motley Crue

Motley Crue play a new track live.

The track was released as a sort of goodbye for fans, as this tour represents the groups last. However, not all was well with their first date in the performance. Between problems with the monitors and a torn kick drum head, the show was fraught with problems, which apparently visibly threw the band off and made them uncomfortable and even angry. Hopefully, this was simply a minor glitch in an otherwise fantastic tour and doesn’t become the norm for upcoming Motley Crue performances. Critics and fans noted, however, that the group was sonically fantastic, and fed nicely off the energy of opener Alice Cooper. All in all, it still must have been a badass way for the Crue to go out, and the rest of their tour will no doubt act as a proper goodbye for one of the most legendary heavy metal acts of our time.

Have you ever had a Motley Crue experience.  When was the last time you saw them perform and were you able to score tickets to the final tour?

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