New Led Zeppelin Book Hits Shelves

Posted 15 Feb 2014 in Artist News, Industry Insights, Miscellaneous

While certainly deserving of merit in their own right, books have never really been something that people typically classify under the label of “rock and roll.” Despite this, a recent print publication has firmly grasped the attention of the public. The book is straightforwardly titled The Story Behind Every Led Zeppelin Song, and the text provides just that. Over the course of nearly 200 pages, the book provides in depth analysis, pictures, and interviews with the people, places, and times behind all of Zeppelin’s tunes. Naturally, this provides fans with a great deal of history behind one of the most iconic bands of all time.

Led Zeppelin

Not only does the book cover the material the band wrote during its heyday, it also highlights all the significant material released after the bands breakup in 1980. Sounds like a great read, no? Well, it gets sweeter. You can purchase this book through the Guitar World website for only $14.95. For such a fantastic price, this book really is a great deal, and will certainly teach you all about one of the most legendary bands of all time.

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