New Metal Dating Site Launches

Posted 03 Mar 2014 in Miscellaneous

These days, there’s a dating site for just about every minority. Sure, most people know about the religious ones like Christian Mingle, or the other demographically driven sites, like Black People Meet. However, did you know that many of these sites get way, way more specific? For instance, you could join a farmer’s only dating site, or perhaps one that only connects you to other cat owners. Well, today we’d like to introduce one that will appeal to many of our readers:

New Metal Dating Site

This website connects single users from across the globe over their shared love of metal music, for only $32 for a three month subscription. The site was recently talked about by the guys over at Metal Sucks, so you can be sure that drove a lot of traffic to the site, further increasing the pool of candidates to pick from.


While incredibly specific, the website does make the point that metalheads are increasingly difficult to find in the real world, which is certainly a fact. However, we have yet to hear of any personal success stories from this services. If signed up for and had success (or failure), we’d love to hear all about it! Leave us a comment with your story.

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