Newbie to Roadie in Two Weeks?

Posted 13 Jun 2008 in Electric Guitar, Performance, Technique

Is two weeks is too short a time for a complete newcomer to become proficient enough to perform as part of a band?  Simon Talbot, 41, took up this challenge using Richard Delyn’s Easy Guitar Method, involving one intensive 30 minute session a day.  His aim was to play the Snow Patrol song “You’re All I Have” alongside The Picturehouse Big Band, and after two weeks of practice, this was his impression of the show:

“For the first verse I was biting my lip in concentration, by the time we got to the chorus it dawned on me that I was really doing it.  Verse two arrived and I checked out the crowd, feeling like a part of the band. After that it was an absolute joy as I grinned my way through the rest of the song, safe in the knowledge that I knew exactly what I was doing.”

After watching the video though, I must admit that I am a little skeptical.  I mean, kudos to him for achieving his dream, but I’m still undecided whether holding one or two bar chords classifies as a “performance” or falls more into Guitar Hero territory, if you know what I mean.

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  1. Ian Tan (17 Jun 2008, 7:53)

    Don’t judge the man too harshly… We all have to start somewhere!

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