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Posted 29 Aug 2013 in Artist News, Music, News

In terms of finding new and innovative ways to interact with fans, Nine Inch Nails may have contributed more to the music industry than any other act. They’ve experimented with free album downloads (in fact their album The Slip) is still available to download, but they’ve also made forays into traditional album sales. With the release of the Cleveland natives new album, Hesitation Marks, the band will be trying yet another way to get fans excited: free streaming.


Nine Inch Nails

NIN Stream New Album Online

That’s right, the band’s eighth studio album is currently up for free streaming through their website. The album was already a source of excitement due to its unusual guests, but this most recent news has certainly gotten fans riled up. For those who are curious, the guests on Hesitation Marks include Lindsey Buckinham of Fleetwood Mac fame, King Crimson’s Adrian Below, and Pino Palladino, the greatest fretless bass player still alive.


According to Trent Reznor, the frontman and main writer for the band, Hesitation Marks will take a different direction than NIN’s previous albums. Of course, the angst and depression that Reznor has continually suffered with will still be evident, but Reznor has apparently found “more appropriate” ways of releasing it through his music. Whether or not that songwriting tactic will work is still up for debate, but one can formulate their own opinion by listening to the album streamed live online until its release.

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