NSYNC Plans VMA Reunion

Posted 21 Aug 2013 in Artist News, Industry Insights, News, Performance

MTV’s annual Video Music Awards (VMAs) always seem to draw a lot of attention. Between the actual awards and the celebrity antics (including the infamous Kanye West blunder), every year the VMAs delivers some kind of big news to the music industry. This year’s event, which will be held at 9 PM on August 25th, already has a stunning headline: Justing Timberlake and the rest of NSYNC will be performing at the VMAs.



NSYNC is planning a reunion for the VMA’s

Timberlake will be receiving the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award, which is one of the most prestigious prizes awarded. During his performance following the award, the singer will be joined by the other four band members of NSYNC. The group has been on hiatus since 2002, with their last live televised event occurring during the 2003 Grammy Awards. Now, ten years later, the famous boy band will once again take the stage.


After receiving an award, VMA performers are allowed to perform only one song, which means all of the speculations about this years event is other which song NSYNC will perform. Hopefully it will be “Bye, Bye, Bye”, but perhaps the song will be one of the hits from Timberlake’s most recent album. Regardless, the 2013 VMA’s will be a historic event.

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