Orange Amplifications to Host Annual Classic Rock Roll of Honour

Posted 02 Oct 2013 in Amplifiers, Industry Insights, Miscellaneous

For the third year straight, popular amp company Orange has been announced as the face, host, and sponsor behind the iconic Classic Rock Roll of Honour awards. Slated to be held in London on November 14th, these awards focused on anything and everything that relate to rock. Previous winners include ZZ Top, the holders of the prestigious Living Legends award, Lyrnrd Skynyrd, possessors of the Comback award and Rush and Pink Floyd, who defend the Album of the Year and Video of the Year awards respectively.

Classic Rock Roll of Honour

Each year, the previous award winners hand of their trophy to new recipient, which means all of the stellar acts listed above and more will be in attendance. It is also customary for winners of certain awards to play sets, which typically only last about thirty minutes but have a reputation for being killer.

Orange Amplifications is consistently chosen to host this event because so many stars have used their premium equipment. Because of this, accusations that Orange tends to favor its own endorsers have surfaced, and this claims are not unwarranted: this year at least eight of the leading artists are known for their close association with the company. Whether or not these artists will win is still up to fate to decide.

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