Pete Townshend Guitar Up For Auction

The iconic red Gibson SG will no doubt go down as one of the most celebrated guitars in the history of classic rock, and no one individual made more contributions to the guitar’s legendary reputation than Pete Townshend of the Who.

Pete Townshend Signature SG

Place your bid on a piece of rock history.

The guitarist played a number of these axes over the years, including one which recently went up for auction. Played in Cleveland and other shows during the 70’s, the guitar is a guaranteed authentic and is sold through’s Spring 2014 Catalogue. The auction ends on July 25th and actually features a number of Who related memorabilia, including a number of pieces of Keith Moon’s drum kit.

One also has the opportunity to purchase Frank Sinatra’s first drivers license and Bob Dylan’s drafted lyrics for “Like a Rolling Stone”. Also featured is a wide variety of sports items, including Jim Brown’s 1964 NFL Championship ring and a number of classic uniforms. All in all, it seems to be quite a fantastic set of items available for sale, and we’re quite curious to see what these pieces of history net in profit.

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