Phish is heading to Vegas for Halloween. Don’t forget your costume.

Posted 08 Sep 2014 in General News, News

Phish fans know that spending Halloween with Phish is usually an experience unlike many others.  The band has been known for putting on a ‘musical costume’ at their Halloween shows and delighting Phans by playing an album from another band in its entirety (that’s Phish’s costume).  However, last Halloween Phish did something a little out of character and played their own new material from what would eventually become Fuego.  Is this a sign of things to come for future Halloween shows?


Phish is headed to Las Vegas for Halloween 2014

Trey Anastasio recently did an interview with Oregonlive where he not only discussed his upcoming premiere of Petrichor which he will be performing with the Oregon Symphony but he also dropped a few clues about what to expect at this year’s Halloween show in Las Vegas.

If you are heading to Vegas with hopes of seeing Phish play another full album from another band you may want to brace yourself so you are prepared for a change in plans.  Here’s a quote from Trey:

I don’t know that we’re going to cover anything this year, to be perfectly honest. That’s the word I’m getting from the other guys. You never know. I’m guessing that we may have put that tradition to bed with the wink to Fuego.

But don’t cancel your plans yet.  As many Phish fans understand, just because the band says something doesn’t mean they are 100% committed to breaking away from the past tradition.  Any seasoned Phish fan knows that anything is possible when Phish takes the stage.  Even if they don’t perform a musical costume you can be sure that a trip to Vegas to see Phish will be an experience you won’t soon forget.


Are you attending Phish’s Halloween show in Las Vegas this year?

For now we will just have to wait and see how things go down.  Are you heading to Vegas for the Halloween run?  Let us know what you think will happen at the show in the comments section below the article.


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