Recording Acoustic, Electric Guitar Into Your Mac

Posted 01 Jun 2008 in Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Recording

An interesting post from Jim Dalrymple of Macworld regarding his adventures in pursuit of recording the right sound for his upcoming album.  Check out the two videos too, as he goes into his method and process, and the different guitar, gear and effects combinations at his disposal.

With so many options available to me to shape the tone of my Taylor GS acoustic, I actually stopped recording for a while so I could play with all of the effects at my disposal.  That may seem like a waste of time, but finding the right tone is a long process. As it turns out, this time I decided to let the craftsmanship and wood of the guitar speak for itself, but that is a choice too.

Again, when he was looking for a clean overdrive for the electric rhythm parts of his song:

Don’t think that choice came easily though. I have 11 guitars to choose from, but when it came right down to the thing that matters most—tone—the Taylor was the right choice for the job. 

At times I think too much choice is a hard thing to live with – I know I’ve spent many an afternoon playing with my Effects board in search of that one true patch.  I’m sure you all can relate…

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