Robber clobbered by guitar

Posted 16 Feb 2011 in Guitar Crime

Police in San Fernando, Cadiz, Spain have arrested a 50 year old man who presented himself at the ticket window of a Renfe train station with his face covered with a scarf, and threatening the employee with a large knife, demanded the box containing the ticket money.

The employee not only refused to hand over the money but hit the man a blow with a guitar that he had bought in to practise on during lulls in his work. He pounced on the robber and removed the knife from his hand, although he received a gash that caused a large cut on his right hand.

The dazed robber managed to shake off the employee and ran into the street while the employee was pursuing him. A passing offduty policeman joined the chase and caught the thief and, together with the employee of Renfe, “kept him immobilized until, minutes later, the local police showed up and arrested him”. Following the exchange of blows, both the employee and the offender needed medical assistance.

Once at the police station, the Local Brigade of the Judicial Police continued efforts to determine whether the detainee was the author of other similar acts committed over the course of the last month which have caused great alarm in the city. The man has been recognized as the thief involved in two other similar cases reported in San Fernando over the last few weeks.


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