Sandi Thom furious about pedal board theft

Posted 21 Mar 2011 in Artist News, Guitar Crime

Sandi Thom’s pedal board was stolen from her manager’s car earlier this week, in Liverpool UK.

In an interview with the Daily Record Sandi said, “You put a pedal board together for different sounds and it’s quite unique for each person. It was my first pedal board and there’s quite a lot of sentimental value there too, which is maybe a geeky guitar thing… my name was on a lot of them, so the thief will know they are mine. The show will go on but I have to reconstruct it and start getting all of these things again. It’s difficult to find them all and it will change my sound if I can’t find the same set of pedals. I’m going to write a song about the pedal board and I’m going to call it karma. And to whoever stole it, you’re a loser.”


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