Six String Bliss Releases “The British Are Coming”

Press Release for May 9th, 2011

Worldwide Launch – Monday, May 9th, 2011

Six String Bliss is many things: it’s a website, it’s the longest-running guitar podcast on the internet, and it’s a community. What started out as a one-off idea, putting out an album of listener-submitted Christmas songs in December 2007(A Blissful Christmas, Episode 92), became a more ambitious undertaking in November 2008 with the release of Stay Tuned (Episode 125), when the decision was made to release a new album twice a year. Since then they’ve released Big Screen Bliss in March of 2009 (Episode 142), Scales of Horror in October 2009 (Episode 169), What The Fuzz in May of 2010 (Episode 187) and Trans Genred in October 2010 (Episode 210). The newest offering, The British Are Coming, is so huge that it is being released in three installments; Volume I comes out on May 9th (Episode 236), Volume II follows on May 12th, and Volume III concludes the trilogy on May 16th. Each Album will be available as a free download from the Six String Bliss website ( the day after the podcast airs.

According to PT Hylton, one of Six String Bliss’ regular hosts: “The Bliss community albums are always an event, but this time the contributors have really kicked it up a notch. And not just in terms of quantity. You owe it to yourself to check out these albums. They are an inspiring example of how good music recorded for the sake of pure passion can be.” Clint Searcy, co-host of the Album podcasts adds: “The British Are Coming proves once and for all that the age of the recording studio is at its end. Guitarists from all income brackets and skill levels have submitted the best work we have ever received. I couldn’t be more proud of our listeners.”

The British Are Coming features 32 songs from 28 artists in 8 countries; among those songs are 11 collaborations (including several intercontinental works), 27 that include vocals, and most notable 6 tracks featuring new artists.

The Six String Bliss albums are all the byproduct of listener interaction through the Six String Bliss forum. The theme of each album is usually decided there, and each project’s “rules” and scope are determined by this community. We hope that, as forum members see the positive feedback that results from each of these albums, more and more will be encouraged to contribute.

All guitarists are welcome to join in the fun of the Six String Bliss Forum. Projects like this will continue to thrive so long as there is an active community to make these happen. So please come by, introduce yourself, and join in the next project!

While you’re at Six String Bliss ( to download the show (also available on iTunes and The Zune Network) and later the album (which is packaged with cover art and liner notes), feel free to download any of the previous albums as well. They’re always available, always free, and always more fun than you can imagine.

About Six String Bliss

Six String Bliss is the longest-running guitar-oriented Podcast on the Internet. Co-hosted by guitarists PT, Pipes, and Pappy, the weekly show caters to players of all ages and abilities, and features segments including Email of the Week, Guitarist of the Week, Guitar News and general discussion of all things relating to the guitar. Interviews have featured internationally renowned guitarists as well as luthiers, store owners, and manufacturers of pickups, effects, and recording software. Six String Bliss releases two albums of listener submitted material per year, with newly established due dates for submissions of April 15th and October 15th. In addition, each episode concludes with a listener-submitted “Outro” track; all listeners are encouraged to send in their recordings for use on the show. The website includes an active international forum.

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  1. Elliot (04 Sep 2011, 11:23)

    Never heard of this podcast before. So thanks for the heads-up! I will have to check out the albums and the podcasts. Thanks again.

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