Slayer and Rick Rubin Part Ways

Posted 27 Apr 2014 in Artist News, Industry Insights

Just the other day, we told you readers all about the new Slayer single, “Implode”. As their first original track in 5 years, the tune was pitched as a sort of rebound effort and as an introduction to the new guitarist Gary Holt. However, the release would not be the only time Slayer made news this week. The band also announced a controversial decision to split from famed produced Rick Rubin for their next effort. Rubin and Slayer have been working together for 28 years, and this move came as quite a shock to many fans.

Slayer and Rick Rubin

In response to the move, frontman Tom Araya pointed out the band wishes to move towards a self-release model with their partners in Nuclear Blast. Araya was careful not to diminish the importance Rubin has had on the band’s work, but also made certain to point out that the role of a record company and producer has changed considerably over the years. At this point in time, Slayer seems quite excited about the chance to self-release, but we’ll see where it takes them from here.

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