Space Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal From Eventide

Posted 23 Sep 2012 in Accessories, Effects, Electric Guitar, Gear News, News

I was browsing some of the best selling guitar effects pedals and came across the Space Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal from Eventide.  Let’s  face it.  There are a lot of different effects pedals on the market and sometimes its difficult to choose the right one for your budget and what you are looking for performance-wise.

The Space Reverb effect pedal gives musicians a solid list of reverb options.  The reverb algorithms in the Space Reverb pedal when combined with various options for delay, pitch shifts, tremolo, special effects and more rolled into one nicely sized pedal produces a ton of options for you to take advantage of.  You can find just about something for whatever style of music you are playing or whatever sound effect you are trying to produce.

Packed into the Space Reverb pedal are 12 signature reverb combos from Eventide.  In the past you were only able to get these effects from an Eventide rack processor.  Now you can get them from the Space Reverb pedal.

Space Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal from Eventide

Eventide Signature Reverb Combos:

  • Room
  • Plate
  • Spring
  • Hall
  • Reverse
  • Shimmer
  • ModEchoVerb
  • DualVerb
  • Blackhole™
  • MangledVerb™
  • TremoloVerb
  • DynaVerb

Top View of Space Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal from Eventide



  • 9V DC, 1200mA, positive tip
  •     7-1/2″W x 5″H x 2″D
  •     2 lb.
  •     Input impedance: 500K ohms
  •     Output impedance: 470 ohms
  •     Recommended load impedance: 10K ohms or greater

The Space Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal from Eventide has a suggested MSRP of $579 but if you do some searching online you can find some special offers to knock a few bucks off the price.



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