Sting Not Leaving Fortune to Children

Posted 25 Jun 2014 in Artist News

How nice would it have been to be born the child of a famous rock star? Obviously, living an entire life in the spotlight has its downsides, but the limitless access to cash and publicity definitely makes life a bit easier for the children of most rock stars. However, some stars, such as Sting of the Police, don’t believe their children should simply be handed life.


Sting won’t be leaving his $300 million fortune to his children.

In a recent statement, Sting declared that his $300 million fortune would not be passed on to his children upon his death. The rock star reportedly has discussed this decision numerous times with his children, who, while perhaps a bit bitter, understand the reasoning behind the choice. Sting doesn’t wish them to be born with a silver spoon in their mouths, but rather wishes to instill in them a work ethic that will allow them to achieve their goals on their own. Seeing as this is how Sting began his career, it’s not surprising that the rock star wishes the same for his kids, and it also serves to humanize Sting. Do you have any stories of rock stars acting like the common  man? Let us know!


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