Sting’s New Musical

Posted 27 Sep 2013 in Artist News, Industry Insights

The notorious bassist and frontman of the Police, Sting, made a shocking announcement to fans earlier this week: he would not be playing a single Police song on his upcoming tour. Despite having such an iconic backlog to pick from, Sting has chosen to focus this upcoming tour on the music from his impending musical, The Last Ship. The musical is based on the music of Sting’s album of the same name, which hit shelves just last Tuesday.


The tour, which at only ten shows is fairly short for Sting, takes place entirely at New York’s Anspacher Theater, a small theater of Lafayette Street. The musical itself will premiere on Broadway sometime in early 2014. Sting has already performed one of the dates of the tour, and his performance was apparently quite nontraditional. For instance, often times more than 14 musicians would be on stage at once, and Sting would often let other musician’s take the spotlight. This act of altruism pays testament to the dedication Sting has for this musical. Sting also used a handful of songs that were from his previous solo career but were not associated with his work with the police.

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