Sustain Indefinitely with Moog Guitar

Posted 08 Jun 2008 in Effects, Electric Guitar, News

If you’ve got a spare six and half grand laying around, consider picking up a Moog Guitar, which is a revolutionary cross between a guitar, synthesizer and tricked out electronics that provides an unparalleled range of expression to the guitarist.  It has different modes to enable you to do the following:

  • infinite sustain on every string, at every fret position and at any volume
  • sustained single or polyphonic lines without muting technique
  • removes energy from the strings, resulting in a variety of staccato articulations
  • use the included foot pedal to shift between the bridge and neck pick-ups to pull both subtle and dramatic harmonics from the strings
  • control the frequency of the built-in, resonant Moog ladder filter using the foot pedal or a CV Input

According to their site, their pickups and even their strings (yes, strings) are completely custom:

The Moog strings that come with guitar have a specific metallurgy designed to work with the Moog Pick-ups. Other strings will work in emergency situations but the guitar will respond best with Moog strings.


All this with a AAAAA maple top, mahogany body and ebony finger board.  Nice!


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