Swedish police uncover double barrelled guitar

Posted 20 Mar 2011 in Guitar Crime

Swedish police swooped after receiving a tip off that 54-year-old man was hoarding a one-man armoury of unlicensed firearms at his house.

The man told police that, “They are therapy to keep off the drink”.

Aside from the six more conventional weapons found in the apartment and a quantity of ammunition, police discovered that a wall-mounted guitar was not quite as it first appeared.

The neck of the guitar has been hollowed out and equipped with two shotgun barrels and the body contained the beginnings of a trigger mechanism.

During questioning the man described the home made musical weapon as “a fun thing that was not finished”.

Police found a further six weapons including a sawn off shotgun, a home made sub-machine gun, a Mauser rifle, two revolvers and a walking stick adapted to function as a rifle.

Stickers belonging to three known gangs in the LuleĆ„ area were also found at the man’s house and led to police suspicions that the 54-year-old was buying and selling stolen weapons.

The man is now set to face charges concerning aggravated weapons crimes and receiving stolen goods.

Source: http://www.thelocal.se/

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