SXSW Crash Victims Named

Posted 17 Mar 2014 in Miscellaneous

By now, you’ve probably heard the tragic story of the fatal crash at this year’s SXSW, which took the lives of two innocent people and injured nearly 20 more. All speculation about this tragedy seems to point to the fact that alcohol was involved, and as the facts are being revealed, this appears to be the case. According to police officers, a single 21 year old by the name of Rashad Owens will be held solely responsible for the events, which includes a capital murder charge. The fatal victims have also been identified as Steven Craenmehr, aged 35, and Jamie Renae West, 27.




Police records indicate that Owens has a history with both underage drinking and driving while under the influence, and in fact had an active warrant issued for his arrest during the time of the crash.


SXSW officials have announced that the festival will continue as planned, since changing things this late in the game would likely cause more confusion and safety hazards. However, the SXSW Cares fund has been set up to help the lives of the 19 victims who were injured, as well as the friends and family of the two lives that were lost. Truly, this a tragedy, and for all our readers that are still out there in Austin, please be safe.

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