TC Electronics Releases Deep Purple Inspired Toneprint Pedals

Posted 08 Aug 2013 in Effects, News

From its inception, the idea of the Toneprint pedal was a winner. Users of the pedal would buy one of the various Toneprint pedals, download the Toneprint app on their phone, and connect the phone to the pedal. Then, players could transform the pedal from tape delay to reverb to distortion simply by downloading new templates on their phone. Different templates can also be downloaded on the computer, and then transferred to the phone.

Deep Purple

This all inclusive method may not be practical on stage (imagine having to change the settings on your phone in the middle of the song), but for in home practice it can open up a wide range of sounds. One of Toneprints strongest assets is its signature celebrity pedals, which simulate popular effects made famous by specific musicians, including legends Deep Purple.


That’s right, bassists and guitarists can now simply download the Roger Glove or Steve Morse templates to get the exact tone of the heavy rocker stars. The two musicians actually worked with TC Electronics, assuring fans that the tones are genuine.


Currently, 5 different templates based on these two musical icons are available. In the Roger Glove bass set, the Fun at Home Hall Reverb and the Spare Room reverb are available. Reportedly, Glove likes the Spare Room tone so much, he actually uses it while playing live.


The Steve Morse guitar set, on the other hand, features a spring reverb, a delay, and a self-proclaimed “Beautiful Reverb”. All 5 of these pedals are available for free download, which should further incentivize fans to experiment with these unique effects.

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