Third Man Releases Limited Edition Pedal

Posted 01 Dec 2013 in Gear News

Third Man, the business front of legendary rocksmith Jack White, is traditionally known for its studio work. The label pumps out quality records all year long, and has introduced the world to artists such as the Alabama Shakes and JEFF the Brotherhood. However, Third Man also releases the occasional piece of hardware, including a custom guitar pedal. Called the “Bumble Buzz” pedal, this unique signal processor creates the iconic wavery tone in the song “I’m Shakin’”, which can be found on Jack White’s 2012 solo album Blunderbuss. The pedal gives the guitar an intense buzzing tone and really allows it pierce through the mix. This alteration to the guitar’s tone is quite a bit different than your standard distortion pedal, but may not be as versatile.

Third Man Bumble Buzz

The pedal was created as a special for Third Man’s Black Friday sales, and is being sold in a classy wooden box. Also included is a custom bandana, because why not. An alternative version of the Bumble Buzz is also available for sale to Third Man’s Platinum Vault members. Whether or not we’ll be hearing this pedal in the upcoming Dead Weather record is still up for debate, but let’s all keep our fingers crossed.

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