Tony Melendez, Inspirational Disabled Guitar Player

Posted 22 Jun 2008 in Musings, Performance

A friend sent me this amazing YouTube video about Tony Meléndez, a Nicaraguan American guitar player, composer and singer and songwriter whose story is simply inspiring.  He was born without arms due to a side effect of Thalidomide his mother was taking during her pregnancy.  Personally, I find it difficult enough playing and singing with all faculties intact – and despite this disability, Meléndez has taught himself how to play the guitar with his feet.

In 1987, Meléndez was given the privilege and honour of playing for the Pope John Paul II. Visibly moved, the Pope descended from his chair and embraced Meléndez and told him My wish for you is that you continue to give hope to others and continue in what you are doing”.

A true testament to the determination and resilience of the human spirit, Tony Meléndez has been recognised with numerous awards and commendations, including Unity Awards Male Vocalist of the Year UCMVA in 2000, 2002, 2004 and Artist of the Year in 2002.

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