Traveler Guitars Release New Model

Posted 26 Aug 2013 in Electric Guitar, Gear News

One of the joys of playing guitars is their portability. Compared to instruments like the organ or the piano, a guitar has a lot of flexibility to be played just about anywhere, anytime. Even an electric guitar can be played without an amp, and all that’s required to add an amp is a power source and quarter inch cable.

However, for some wanderers, a regular acoustic guitar is just too bulky, but an electric guitar would weigh them down too much. It was for those players that the Traveler guitar company was founded, which makes portable, lightweight options for guitarists.


Earlier this month, Traveler Guitars made an exciting announcement: their electric guitar series would be expanded with the release of the Traveler Escape Mark III. The Mark III is the most advanced portable, full scale guitar in the world; featuring a built in tuner and headphone amp and coming with a custom gig bag. Best of all, the full sized guitar weighs in at only 5 pounds, despite being constructed with an alder body and rosewood fretboard. The guitar is finished very naturalistically, which fits perfectly for the globetrotter personality that Traveler Guitars markets too. Portable electric guitars have come a long way in the past twenty years, and the Mark III might just represent the best in those advancements.

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