U2 Members Bono and The Edge Join Fender Board of Directors

Posted 01 Jun 2014 in Industry Insights, News

It’s not uncommon for musicians to get endorsement deals from company’s. You see musicians representing everything from guitar strings, drum sticks, amps and guitars.  If you’ve got a big enough fan following, you can likely get a guitar company to send you a plethora of free gear on the condition that you play it on stage. You might even get paid. However, few musicians reach a level of stardom to where guitar companies are asking them to hold a position on their board of directors. For Bono and the Edge of famous rock act U2, that situation has become a reality.



Bono and The Edge join the Fender Board Of Directors.

Both of the bandmates have expressed their excitement about getting to work with Fender, and made it clear that they were focused on moving forward with the company. Instead of producing signature edition guitars that we’ve all seen before, the duo really want to integrate digital technology into Fender’s leading instruments to try and create new ways to interface with the guitar. This should be quite exciting for U2, Fender, and guitar players everywhere, as chances are this celebrity duo might just have what it takes to steer the mammoth guitar company into a new era. Here’s to hoping for the best, at least!

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