Vox Reveals Limited Edition NAMM Amp

Posted 24 Jan 2014 in Gear News, News

If you haven’t figured it out yet by the thousands of posts littering the web, NAMM 2014 is happening, which means all the major and minor players of the music industry have gotten together to release their most exciting projects.

Vox Limited Edition NAMM Amp

We’ve already introduced you to Antares retrofitted Auto-Tune guitar attachment, and today we’ve got another great piece of gear to introduce you to. This gear comes to us from legendary British company Vox, and is called the AC15C1. Sound familiar? That’s because the AC15 is Vox’s most famous release, made popular by the likes of John Lennon and the Rolling Stones. Vox’s newest addition to the AC15 line is the amp pictured above: a limited edition, red VOX AC15. In terms of hardware, this AC15 is basically the same as the others, but the innovative red coloring will definitely set any players apart from the crowd. You can pick this sweet amp for $650, but chances are you’ll have a tough time getting your paws around this one. The amp is a limited edition run, and many collectors suspect VOX will only produce this amp for a select few individuals. This, however, will serve to make the amp that much more valuable.

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