Woman charged with stealing guitar from baptist church

Posted 09 Apr 2011 in Guitar Crime

A woman from Kingsport, Tennessee, has been arrested after allegedly entering Higher Ground Baptist Church, wandering around, then exiting with a bass guitar.

The guitar was later sold to a pawn shop, located less than a quarter mile from the church, leading police to the identity of the alleged thief.

She has been charged with felony theft of more than $500.

According to records at the Kingsport Police Department, the guitar was reported stolen on April 3. An officer responded to the church and reviewed video surveillance of the incident.

The footage allegedly revealed two women, accompanied by a small child, entering the church on March 30. One woman allegedly exited the building with the child, while the other woman continued to, “wander around.” When she came across the guitar, according to police, she grabbed it and left.

According to an affidavit in Kingsport court, police were contacted Tuesday by an employee of Gilbert’s Pawn Shop, 1695 Lynn Garden Drive. An officer responded to find the shop had just bought the guitar for $20, with surveillance footage revealing the seller as the theft suspect at Higher Ground.

The woman was identified as Chapman and located at the local Budget Inn. She was taken into custody and allegedly gave a written statement confessing to stealing and pawning the guitar.

Source: http://www.timesnews.net/

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