Zakk Wylde’s Guitar Returned

Posted 05 May 2014 in Artist News, Guitar Heroics

Today, we’d like to follow up on a story we first introduced to you readers a few weeks ago. In this story, legendary guitarist Zakk Wylde was unfortunate enough to have a guitar stolen from him on a tour date. Now, this wasn’t just any guitar; this was a custom edition Gibson Les Paul Pelham worth over $10,000 and only one of two ever manufactured. The guitar was stolen from Wylde’s tour bus in Chicago and disappeared for 10 days. However, the iconic concentric finish on the guitar was too recognizable for this guitar to remain underground for long, and sure enough, the guitar resurfaced in a pawn shop in Chicago, the Royal Pawn Shop of Tru TV’s Hardcore Pawn: Chicago fame.

Zakk Wylde

After the guitar arrived at the pawn shop, it remained in storage for the required 30 days. Supposedly, the two Cohen brothers who ran the pawn shop paid only $50 for the guitar, and have all of the seller’s information on file. The guitar’s ID number was also uploaded to databases across the country. Eventually, the Cohen’s called in an expert to identify the guitar and appraise its value, and the expert recognized the guitar. It has since been given to the police, but has not yet made its way back to Wylde. Still, you can be sure that this is a happy day for Zakk Wylde and his team.

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