Zebrahead: Call Your Friends…You Should Listen Up

Posted 24 May 2014 in News, Reviews

Zebrahead hails from Orange County, CA.  If you haven’t heard them yet you should take some time and come to the party to see what this band is all about.  Their latest release Call Your Friends came out in August 2013.  I gotta admit that I missed this one but I’m glad I came across it and you will be too.

Zebrahead Call Your Friends

Zebrahead has been around for quite some time so although this review is of Call Your Friends, don’t sleep on their earlier works.

From the opening notes of Sirens you get kicked in the teeth with some hard driving music.  Tight lyrics, loud guitars and drums all come together to weave some cool rhythm and melodies together in a fun way that you won’t be able to help but stomp your feet or bob your head to.

The title track Call Your Friends is a song that I can easily see as a summer-time anthem.  Catchy, loud and full of rock driven by cool beats, rhymes, rhythm and melodies.  As you work your way through the album you won’t come across many or any spots that leave you wanting Zebrahead to pick up the pace.  These guys are certainly good at what they do.


I’m not going to break down every single song on this record.  I’ll leave that to you to do for yourself.  When I hear Zebrahead I hear the influence of groups like Blink 182, Decendents, Sum 41, The Offspring and others.  By no means is that a bad thing.  These guys definitely have their own sound that is worth checking out.  You can bet that Zebrahead just earned a spot in my personal music rotation.

Zebrahead is currently over-seas on tour so if you are across the pond check out their tour schedule and see if you can catch a show.  If you are looking for a fun night of music Zebrahead will deliver.  Hopefully the band will make it back to the states soon so we can check them out in person.

Here are the next several links on their current tour schedule. Check out their official band page and get on their twitter and social media to stay up to date. We’ve reached out to the band to see if we can do a quick interview so we’ll keep you posted if that goes down.


Date City Venue Country
05/25/14 Zebrahead in Hertfordshire The Forum – SLAM DUNK FESTIVAL (SOUTH) United Kingdom
05/26/14 Zebrahead in Wolverhampton Wolverhampton Civic – SLAM DUNK FESTIVAL (MIDLANDS) United Kingdom
Tour: Headline UK EXTRA Date!
05/27/14 Zebrahead in Kingston The Fighting Cocks United Kingdom
Tour: Slam Dunk Ska Punk Tour w/ Goldfinger
05/28/14 Zebrahead in Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms United Kingdom

To see more tour dates, visit the tour dates page on their website.


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