12 Steps From Raw Wood to Guitar

Posted 16 Jul 2008 in Electric Guitar, Hardware

Thanks to Thumbrella for spotting this – here’s a cool 12 picture series on how pieces of wood are transformed into a guitar, by luthiers from Knights Guitar.

Below is a stage by stage example of how we made Jacks Guitar. All our guitars are handmade by either Gordon or Rob, both experienced luthiers. Our guitars are custom built with plenty of input from the customer.

Before:                    After:

View the photo series here.

Speaking of guitar making, here’s a flickr photoset of some guitars skillfully constructed from items found around the home.  Nice! [via]

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  1. Electric Guitar Builder (12 Mar 2011, 1:18)

    Nice work! I see you made this out of sycamore wood. I’m curious as to why you chose this wood, and what kind of tonal qualities does it give the guitar?

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