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Blackstar Launches YouTube Competition

Posted 07 Apr 2014 in Amplifiers, Featured, Hardware, Miscellaneous

The internet truly is a wonderful piece of technology, isn’t it? By allowing fans to connect with artists and companies directly, a whole world of interesting possibilities open. One such possibility is the interesting contest set up by amp manufacturer Blackstar. The contest requires fans to upload a 30 second clip of them playing guitar using the Blackstar ID:Series or ID:Core setups. The entires will be available for public consumption, so be sure to bring your A game. The entries…

Paul McCartney Releases “New” Single

Posted 30 Aug 2013 in Artist News, Featured, General News
Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney has a massive catalogue; besides the Beatles songs that he technically doesn’t own, the living legend can also draw from his decade spanning solo career, his work with the band Wings, or any of the songs he did not write but bought the rights to, such as Buddy Holly’s discography. This coming October, that catalog will once again be expanded with the release of New. The album is the result of many months of work between McCartney and…

Bon Jovi Guitarist Richie Sambora Fired

Posted 24 Aug 2013 in Artist News, Featured, Music, News
Richie Sambora

If you were to take all of the classic rock stars in the world and rank them in order of how clean-cut they were, the members of Bon Jovi would likely be situated pretty deep in the positive role model side. However, every good thing must come to an end, and Bon Jovi was no exception. Rumors, which have since been confirmed as true, have long circulated that the Bon Jovi guitarist, Richie Sambora, was not satisfied with his financial…

Megadeth Announces New Live Album

Posted 24 Aug 2013 in Artist News, Featured, Music, News

Few bands have changed the face of metal to the degree that Megadeth has. For a number of years, the band has managed to release hit after hit after hit, all while maintaining busy touring schedules and personal lives. Yet, no album had quite the impact that their 5th studio album, Countdown To Extinction, had. First released in all the way back in 1992, Countdown to Extinction featured such classic tunes as “Symphony of Destruction” and “Sweating Bullets” and achieved…

Joan Jett Announces Solo Album

Posted 09 Aug 2013 in Artist News, Featured, Music, News
Joan Jett

  As the lead singer of Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, the famous rock singer Joan Jett garnered a lot of respect and attention. In fact, throughout her decade spanning career, she became known as the Queen of Rock and Roll, due in no part to Jett’s penchant for creating fun, catchy rock tunes (think “I Love Rock N’ Roll). However, the singer recently announced a new solo album with claims that this album will be more heartfelt than her…

Fenders Introduces Upgraded Modern Players

Posted 03 Aug 2013 in Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Featured, Gear News
Fender Modern Player

Fender has always been known for its innovation. From the implementation of the initial Strat designs to their forays into tribute guitars, the iconic American guitar manufacturer has built for itself a reputation of providing reliable, quality instruments. This legacy will most certainly be continued with the release of the new Modern Player 2.0’s. The Modern Player was originally released to compete with the low cost, entry level guitars offered by the likes of Gibson and Ibanez. Although Squire, Fender’s…

60+ Musicians Record Collection on Same Guitar

The $100 Guitar Project

Fans often wonder how much of an impact gear makes on a musician. Sure, most people will admit that their guitar idols were better players than them, but just how much of that gap is due to the fact that the stars are playing on the best equipment all the time. An interesting new project, called the $100 Guitar Project, set out to find exactly how big of an impact the actual gear makes on music.   It all started…

Michael Jackson and Freddy Mercury Duets to Be Released This Fall

Posted 30 Jul 2013 in Featured, General News, Music, News, Performance
Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury

In the last few decades, the number of artists with posthumous catalog releases has exploded. After an artist dies, labels, producers, and even family members have begun releasing previously unheard tracks that went unused during the artist’s lifetime. Since the death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, rumors have been flying as to whether or not the iconic entertainer’s catalog would be expanded. As of this fall, fans can rest assured that Jackson’s next release will be a unique…

G & L Releases Jerry Cantrell Tribute

G&L Jerry Cantrell Tribute Guitar

G & L, the legendary guitar manufacturing company started by none other than Leo Fender, has never been shy of producing tribute guitars. Particularly in this last, the company has really focused on releasing partnered products with famous musicians. One of these musicians, Jerry Cantrell, is about to receive his second opportunity to create a custom guitar through G & L. Known for his work with popular band Alice In Chains, Cantrell has already released the highly successful G &…

Rolling Stones Release Exclusive Live Album

Posted 24 Jul 2013 in Artist News, Featured, General News, Music, News, Performance
Rolling Stones

Hyde Park has always been a cultural center for the city of London. The massive city park, which has long been a meeting grounds for demonstrators, has a functioning speaker’s corner and occasionally, an active stage. This stage would have been particularly active on the sweltering night of July 5th, 1969, when international icons the Rolling Stones first took the stage to commemorate the death of bandmate Brian Jones, whose death had happened just two days prior. This first Hyde…