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Korn Accidentally Announces New Album Release Date

Posted 25 Jun 2013 in Artist News, General News, Studio

We’ve all been quite excited since guitarist Brian “Head” Welch rejoined Korn earlier this year, after he quit in 2005 to pursue a solo career.  The excitement and anticipation grew when the band went into the studio earlier this month to record their 11th studio album.  But, we were all still waiting for a release date to bring it all home.

Using the Mac as a Guitar Workstation

Posted 23 Jul 2008 in Recording, Studio

I popped into an Apple store on the weekend and was intrigued to see a MacBook Pro setup, connected to a guitar with a built in USB interface.  I unsuccessfully tried to get it working in-store with GarageBand, but to satisfy my curiosity, I Googled it and found that it was none other than the Behringer iAXE393 USB guitar.  This $100 Stratocaster copy comes with a software pack from Native Instruments, with multi-track recording and editing, and amp simulations. For those…

JamVOX from VOX – Guitar Karaoke / Practice Tool

Posted 19 Jun 2008 in Accessories, News, Studio

VOX has come up JamVOX, with a brilliant integrated monitor and software system that extracts the guitar parts from any MP3, and allows you to jam along to your favourite tunes!  Now guitarists can enjoy what karaoke systems have been doing for wanna-be singers for years. The JamVOX system consists of two parts:   Software which lets you cancel or extract the guitar part of an existing song, an also has a effects processor with 19 famous guitar amps and 54…