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10 Of Our Favorite Rock Star Quotes

Posted 24 Dec 2014 in General News
Kurt Cobain

Rock stars are often the center of attention.  Sometimes it’s not easy to come up with something cool to say when all eyes are on you but if you pull it off your words just might be repeated by your legions of fans.  Here are 15 of our favorite rock star quotes.

See Gov’t Mule For Free!

Posted 23 Dec 2014 in Artist News, General News, News
Gov't Mule

Ok so that title might be a little bit misleading but you can technically see Gov’t Mule for free at their show in Upper Darby, PA.

Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe To Get ‘Tricky’ This NYE

Posted 05 Dec 2014 in General News
Karl Densons Tiny Universe

Hold on tight because this is going to be really awesome.  If the awesomeness doesn’t hit you right away just let it set in for a minute or two because what Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe is going to do on New Year’s Eve is…well…awesome!

Go See Primus But Don’t Heckle Les Claypool

Posted 17 Nov 2014 in General News, News, Performance

Most of us know that Primus is an awesome band that has been putting out great music for a very long time.  The second you hear that bass kick in you pretty much know it’s a Primus song because it doesn’t sound like anything else out there.  But this article isn’t about the music.

Perry Farrell, Joe Walsh and Oteil Burbridge Join Foo Fighters and Umphrey’s McGee

Posted 15 Nov 2014 in General News, News, Performance
Umphrey's McGee

Both the East and West coast of the United States were treated to some very special guest appearances at concerts.  One was at Bear Creek in Florida and the other at a Foo Fighters show in Los Angeles.

Turkuaz Invades South Florida With An Army Of Funk!

Posted 14 Nov 2014 in General News, News, Performance

It’s been a great couple of weeks for the music scene in South Florida.  There has been a flood of top notch bands making their way through the sunshine state as they head towards the Bear Creek Music Festival this weekend.  Wednesday gave Guitar News Daily an opportunity to see some extremely funky music from Turkuaz.

TAUK Destroys The Funky Biscuit On 11.6.14

Posted 07 Nov 2014 in General News, News, Performance

Be warned in advance.  If I get a little carried away and start rambling in this review it’s because TAUK left my jaw on the floor last night with the show they put on at The Funky Biscuit in South Florida.  You’ve been warned.

Listen To Kurt Cobain’s Pre-Bleach Mix Tape

Posted 03 Nov 2014 in General News, News
Kurt Cobain

Mix tapes are generally associated with rap and hiphop however there is a new mix tape circulating that is very far from rap or hiphop.  This mix tape is from Kurt Cobain and was reportedly created a year before the release of Nirvana’s Bleach.

Phish Delivers A Spooky Spectacular Halloween Show in Las Vegas

Posted 01 Nov 2014 in General News, News
Phish Halloween 2014

There are a few times each year that Phish fans get more excited than normal.  New Years Eve is always a special run for fans of the band.  The other extra special night is Halloween.  This year Phish took things to a new level

Primus and Willy Wonka Equals a Lifetime of Awesome!

Posted 20 Oct 2014 in General News, News

Les Claypool and the gents from Primus are’nt known only for their unique and awesome music!  Even on what I would imagine is a relatively calm day the band leans toward the eccentric side of the scale.  Wait until you see what Primus has in store for a few lucky fans.