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Chaosound Release Anti-Effect Pedal

Posted 22 Oct 2013 in Effects

Ever wondered how your favorite artists were able to so masterfully control the feedback and line cuts present in their favorite tunes? Chances are it’s a combination of years of experience and studio work, but you can skip all that hard work by ordering the new Anti-Effect pedal from the Polish electronics company Chaosound. The Anti-Effect Pedal is pretty unique; rather than augmenting your sound or altering it in some way, it instead alternates the sound between cut in and…

Moog Announces Five Brand New Pedals

Posted 10 Oct 2013 in Effects
Moog Guitar Pedals

Although the electrical geniuses at Moog are no strangers to stompboxes, most of their work is focused on the synthesizer and keys world. However, this doesn’t mean Moog is above the random foray into the stompbox world, and just recently they announced the release of an entire series of new stompboxes. Dubbed the Minifoogers (a pun on the name of the popular Minimoog synthesizer), these five pedals include drive, boost, ring, tremolo, and delay. All five are constructed entirely with…

Vibesware Releases New Junior Resonator

Posted 18 Sep 2013 in Effects, Gear News

Depending on your upbringing and musical tastes, the term guitar resonator can take on one of two meanings. Traditionally, a resonator has been defined as an acoustic instrument that creates its sounds by vibrating a piece of metal (the resonator) that vibrates the wood. Think of a dobro. Recently, however, resonators have taken on a whole new meaning: companies like Vibesware have discovered ways to engage the electromagnetic field surrounding the strings of an electric guitar, and can excite that…

Korg Releases Pandora Stomp Pedal

Posted 09 Sep 2013 in Effects

Like most other industries, the music industry has become saturated with tons of technological gizmos in the last thirty years. While these are no doubt impressive (think of the expansive racks in a high quality studio or the enormous pedal boards of some performers), many musician’s simply do not have the resources to acquire every piece of technology available. This is especially true when it comes to stompboxes; between reverb, delay, phaser, flanger, vibrato, distortion, fuzz, wah, volume, tuner, and…

TC Electronics Releases Deep Purple Inspired Toneprint Pedals

Posted 08 Aug 2013 in Effects, News
Deep Purple

From its inception, the idea of the Toneprint pedal was a winner. Users of the pedal would buy one of the various Toneprint pedals, download the Toneprint app on their phone, and connect the phone to the pedal. Then, players could transform the pedal from tape delay to reverb to distortion simply by downloading new templates on their phone. Different templates can also be downloaded on the computer, and then transferred to the phone. This all inclusive method may not…

BC 2 Guitar Distortion and Overdrive Pedal from BOSS

BC-2 Combo Drive from BOSS

If you are looking for a compact effects pedal that will deliver a retro British combo amp tone then look no further.  The BC-2 from BOSS lets you control the pedal with a single knob.  You also have full control over multiple sound characters allowing you to access a massively full spectrum of tone. Everything that’s old becomes new again and that couldn’t be more true with music.  If you are looking to recreate the classic retro sound the BC-2…

Space Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal From Eventide

Posted 23 Sep 2012 in Accessories, Effects, Electric Guitar, Gear News, News
Space Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal from Eventide

I was browsing some of the best selling guitar effects pedals and came across the Space Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal from Eventide.  Let’s  face it.  There are a lot of different effects pedals on the market and sometimes its difficult to choose the right one for your budget and what you are looking for performance-wise. The Space Reverb effect pedal gives musicians a solid list of reverb options.  The reverb algorithms in the Space Reverb pedal when combined with various…

TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Reverb TonePrint Series Guitar Effects Pedal

Posted 20 Sep 2012 in Accessories, Effects, General News, Hardware
TC Electronic Reverb Pedal

Are you looking for a functional Reverb effect to enhance and add to the sound of your guitar?  Check out the TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb TonePrint Series pedal.

Godlyke Octavious Squeezer Analog Bass Synth Pedal

Posted 23 Jul 2008 in Effects, News

The Octavius Squeezer Analog Bass Synth Pedal, from Godlyke Distribution, has been announced and will be available starting mid-summer 2008.  The bass effects pedal features a true analog reconfigurable signal path technology, true bypass switching and digital switching system between the 96 user-editable presets.   Octavius Squeezer includes a dedicated filter circuit bred in our Agent 00Funk and Agent 00Funk Mark II envelope filters. It also includes the fuzz circuit from our Brown Dog gated bass fuzz. A multi-range digital…

DigiTech Unleashes Hardwire Extreme Performance Guitar Pedals

Posted 18 Jul 2008 in Effects, News

DigiTech is now shipping its new Hardwire Extreme Performance Guitar Pedals, which feature a true bypass and high voltage operation, as well as extra-rugged construction and a slew of innovative attributes designed to enhance live performance.  Innovations such as an premium all-metal construction, an anti-skid pad, Stomplock protective cover, and glow-in-the-dark label give musicians the edge for better performance. The Hardwire Series includes the following models: HT-2 Chromatic Tuner CM-2 Tube Overdrive SC-2 Valve Distortion TL-2 Metal Distortion CR-7 Stereo Chorus DL-8 Delay/Looper…