Moog Announces Five Brand New Pedals

Posted 10 Oct 2013 in Effects

Although the electrical geniuses at Moog are no strangers to stompboxes, most of their work is focused on the synthesizer and keys world. However, this doesn’t mean Moog is above the random foray into the stompbox world, and just recently they announced the release of an entire series of new stompboxes.

Moog Guitar Pedals

Dubbed the Minifoogers (a pun on the name of the popular Minimoog synthesizer), these five pedals include drive, boost, ring, tremolo, and delay. All five are constructed entirely with analogue materials and are housed in a quite attractive exterior black aluminum casing. Furthermore, all of the Minifoogers come with the ability to add a foot control, which provides hands free manipulation of one of the parameters for each pedal.


Perhaps the most exciting thing about these pedals is their price point. Unlike some of the other pedals in Moog’s roster, the Minifoogers were designed to be affordable for guitarists and bassists of all calibers. With none of the pedals going for more than $200 new, chances are these little gadgets will become quite popular in the next few months.

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