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Fender Releases Green Day Tribute

Posted 25 Aug 2013 in Artist News, Bass Guitar, Gear News
green day fender tribute

Remember Green Day? They were that punk band that rocked America during the earlier part of the 2000’s with singles like “Holiday” and “American Idiot”. The California four piece helped to promote the careers of lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong and bassist Mike Dirnt. Dirnt recently received a new honor in his career: a Fender/Squire tribute bass. Only given to the top echelons of bass players, a tribute bass is the result of months of collaboration between the artist and…

Squier Releases First Fretless Bass

Posted 05 Aug 2013 in Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, General News, News
Squier Vintage Modified Guitar Series

As Fender’s junior company, Squier often receives a lot of undue negative attention. While it is true that many of their instruments are cheaply made using low quality parts, Squier does its best to overcome the challenges low end companies face. Despite their efforts, however, Squier has long been thought of as a starter brand fit only for beginners. After all, living in the shadow of Fender is not exactly the most favorable place for a guitar manufacturer to find…

Fenders Introduces Upgraded Modern Players

Posted 03 Aug 2013 in Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Featured, Gear News
Fender Modern Player

Fender has always been known for its innovation. From the implementation of the initial Strat designs to their forays into tribute guitars, the iconic American guitar manufacturer has built for itself a reputation of providing reliable, quality instruments. This legacy will most certainly be continued with the release of the new Modern Player 2.0’s. The Modern Player was originally released to compete with the low cost, entry level guitars offered by the likes of Gibson and Ibanez. Although Squire, Fender’s…