Squier Releases First Fretless Bass

Posted 05 Aug 2013 in Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, General News, News

As Fender’s junior company, Squier often receives a lot of undue negative attention. While it is true that many of their instruments are cheaply made using low quality parts, Squier does its best to overcome the challenges low end companies face. Despite their efforts, however, Squier has long been thought of as a starter brand fit only for beginners. After all, living in the shadow of Fender is not exactly the most favorable place for a guitar manufacturer to find themselves.


Squier Vintage Modified Guitar Series

Squier Vintage Modified Guitar Series

Recently though, Fender and Squier have been making efforts to boost the reputation of Squier. One of the more successful ways this has been done is through the release of new lines of instruments; a tactic which is being revisited with the release of 15 new products by Squier.


Ranging from left-handed guitars to Cabronita’s, a huge variety of instruments will be added to Squier’s Vintage Modified collection. Originally released to put a modern, less expensive twist on classic Fender models, the Vintage Modified series has been one of Squier’s biggest hits so far. No doubt with the release of these new guitars, the Vintage Modified line will only continue to grow.


Though several new guitars were announced, by far the most exciting releases are the Vintage Modified basses. Squier is adding several new basses to line, ranging from P basses to jazz basses to hybrids. Most exciting of all, however, is the two new fretless basses coming out. Though Fender has experimented with fretless designs before, the new Vintage Modified basses represent Squier’s first foray into the field.

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