Korg Releases Pandora Stomp Pedal

Posted 09 Sep 2013 in Effects

Like most other industries, the music industry has become saturated with tons of technological gizmos in the last thirty years. While these are no doubt impressive (think of the expansive racks in a high quality studio or the enormous pedal boards of some performers), many musician’s simply do not have the resources to acquire every piece of technology available. This is especially true when it comes to stompboxes; between reverb, delay, phaser, flanger, vibrato, distortion, fuzz, wah, volume, tuner, and a hundred other types of pedals out there, finding the right one for the right price can be hard.


Music giants Korg are seeking to alleviate this pain with the release of their Korg Pandora Stomp. The Korg Pandora line was initially released as a multieffects processor back in the mid 90’s, but this will be the first time the technology is available in stomp box format. The pedal houses more than 150 effects, with the ability to turn on up to 7 at a time. There are also tons of rhythmical patterns and presets to experiment with. The pedal is available in black and currently in a limited edition cream and orange colors, and typically retails around $125. For beginning guitarists or those of us on a budget, the Korg Pandora Stomp pedal is a fantastic edition to the pedal board.

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