Paul McCartney Releases “New” Single

Posted 30 Aug 2013 in Artist News, Featured, General News

Paul McCartney has a massive catalogue; besides the Beatles songs that he technically doesn’t own, the living legend can also draw from his decade spanning solo career, his work with the band Wings, or any of the songs he did not write but bought the rights to, such as Buddy Holly’s discography. This coming October, that catalog will once again be expanded with the release of New. The album is the result of many months of work between McCartney and Mark Ronson, a popular British guitarist and DJ and the 2008 Brit Awards Best Male Solo Artist. Ronson and McCartney first started working together after Ronson DJ’d McCartney’s wedding back in 2011.

Paul McCartney

The album is supposed to be released on October 15th and will have 12 tracks. Currently, the title track has been released as a single; the song is very reminiscent of McCartney’s work with the Beatles. The album will be his first release of original tunes in six years and will feature songs touching on a variety of subjects, including weddings. During that time, McCartney has kept himself busy by recoding with the remaining members of Nirvana, rereleasing some classics, and touring heavily. However, this new release will be a bit step forward for the pop icon,


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