$5,000 XOX guitar stolen from the P-Funk bus

Posted 09 Aug 2011 in Guitar Crime

A guitar made by XOX Audio Tools, valued at $5,000 by the owner, has been stolen from George Clinton’s P-Funk tour bus. The model of guitar is called “The Handle” and was taken as the band were clearing up after their gig at the Soul Food Festival at Shelby Farms, near Memphis, TN.

Anyone who knows of the whereabouts of the guitar should contact Mickey Keaton, a detective with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department, on (901) 568-5645.


  1. Larry Smith (10 Aug 2011, 0:30)

    Damn, that’s a major drag. And why I won’t let mine out of my sight…

  2. Steve (10 Aug 2011, 9:52)

    Seems this one had a unique paint job, so you would hope it would be hard to sell, but the thieves probably don’t know what they have.

    Just occurred to me that these things are probably easier to secure than most guitars as you could pass a lock through the body to lock to something solid.

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