Bonnaroo Update for Saturday June 14. Webcast Alert.

Posted 14 Jun 2014 in Artist News, Music, News, Performance

Bonnaroo is underway as usual its off to a great start.  If you aren’t one of the fortunate ones who was able to attend the event this year at least there is a little good news.  That good news comes in the form of the live stream.


BonnarooSure there is no comparison to actually being there.  You don’t get to experience the weather, the love from other concert-goers and of course the overall ‘Bonnaroo’ experience.  But you can watch some incredible live music streamed right to you in the comfort of your own home.  Yes, unfortunately this year I’m participating in the couch tour but its not all that bad and is actually a decent consolation.  I kind of enjoy having my couch and the air conditioner as well as all the other little perks of home.  Ok who am I kidding.  I WISH I WAS THERE.

Highlights from yesterday, Friday the 13th, were many.  From the live stream you could watch Umphrey’s McGee, Break Science (better check these guys out if you haven’t!), Jon Batiste, The Head and the Heart, Vampire Weekend and more.  That’s just the webcast and that’s a pretty good day.

Today starting at 3:30 CT you can catch Tedeschi Trucks Band, Cage the Elephant, Lionel Richie, James Blake and a bunch of other great acts.  I intentionally left two off the list because these are in my opinion MUST SEE and all you have to do it tune in.

Starting at 10:45 Central Time you can catch Jack White’s set.  Regardless of what your personal opinions of Jack White and his comments about Adele, The Black Keys and other artists you should certainly sit back and respect is musicianship.  The guy knows how to put on a good rock show.

Jack White and the rest of the day’s worth of webcast music are awesome but this last set is what its all about.  If you are really a die hard fan that’s upset you aren’t there you might be able to make it up to yourself (a little) if you can stay awake until 12:15am (remember its Central Time).  If you make it that late you will be treated to a real treat.  Throughout the weekend there will be plenty of ‘superjams’ set up.  But tonight you can catch the ‘Derek Trucks Superjam’.  Derek will be superjamming with Ben Folds, Chaka Khan, Eric Krasno and Karl Denson plus plenty of others.  This will be more than worth it to stay awake to see.

You can head over to the Bonnaroo website to see the full concert schedule as well as the full webcast schedule.  Tune in because they are giving you access all weekend long.


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