New Buffalo FX Muff Pedal Released

Posted 24 Feb 2014 in Gear News

Although you might not realize at first, the muff pedal is perhaps one of the most important pieces of hardware to grace the guitar universe. Originally named after the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff pedal, muff pedals give the user a very fuzzy, warm, and full overdrive.

Buffalo FX Muff Pedal

Various forms of the muff pedal have shaped the tones of guitarists from Hendrix to Clapton to modern day metal musicians. Obviously, with a pedal as diverse and influential as this, players have long requested that companies release artist themed muff pedals to help amateur guitar players model their tones after their favorite professionals. There are a myriad of these on the market, but it was not until recently infamous pedal manufacturer Buffalo FX did not have much to offer. However, the company just put out the new “Buffalo FX Patriot”, a respectable fuzz pedal modeled after the likes of David Gilmour’s Division Bell era tone.


Perhaps interesting thing about this pedal is the unique (and rare) Russian diodes included in the circuitry of the pedal; this give the Patriot a classic tone unrivaled by other modern muff pedals. You can pick up the Patriot for 100 euros from Buffalo FX’s website.

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