Gibson Les Paul Push Tone Makes Changing Pickups Easy

Posted 22 Jun 2008 in Electric Guitar, Hardware, News

With the Gibson Les Paul Push Tone, no longer will changing pickups be a major project – this new system from Gibson allows pickups to be changed by simply pushing them out from the body, and disconnecting wire clips and plugging in a new set – all achievable in a matter of minutes.

The new Gibson Les Paul Push Tone comes with two sets of Gibson pickups – a set of vintage Burstbucker Pros humbuckers and a set of single-coil P-94’s.  The new guitar also comes with enhanced hardware such as 24K gold-plated Bourns potentiometers, a newly designed Neutrik output jack which locks cords in place.

Guitar of the Month for May 2008, The Gibson Les Paul Push Tone comes in a solid mahogany body with AAA maple top with an Antique natural finish.



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  2. Ian Tan (23 Jun 2008, 12:29)

    This is good news indeed. Now what would make this truly awesome is if ALL guitars have this feature! Then the pickup market would really take off!

  3. David Buntsma (23 Jun 2008, 14:25)

    yeh…that would be good if pickups could just be pushed in and out.

    A lot of people do re-wire their guitars with connector style plugs, so that they can just clip in and out pickups, without having to re-solder wires every time.

  4. Julian (23 Jun 2008, 15:33)

    Note the price tag on the Gibson Les Paul Push Tone though – $4,449 MSRP! Like Ian said – let’s hope they bring this out for all the other plebs like us…

  5. Ian Tan (24 Jun 2008, 12:52)

    I think EMG pickups have clip-in connectors as well.

  6. Jim Dillon (01 Jul 2008, 7:20)

    no this is good indeed. I am really liking this. What else is Gibson going to do. Man! I t truly i amazing. Now you can get a bunch of tones from one guitar, just push and plug. wooowee!

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